An Introduction

My name is Jarrett Hucks and I like to take photos. I have found myself within the last 5 months craving the ability to capture the scenes around me. I am by no means a "Professional" yet but I do enjoy what I do and I like sharing it with others.
A little background on myself. I have always been in the arts. I started learning guitar at the age of 10 and havent looked back since. I sat on the front pew of church and clung to dear life as I learned to play by ear. Picking up the bass and piano as well, I started to sing and shaping who I was musically. After high school, I got a job with a local sign shop for some extra cash during the summer. I learned about design and the power of signage and advertisement. Also, a co-worker taught me the basic of drawing graffiti which still influences my work today. Over the next 2 years, I learned more and started college as a design major, getting an education to match the world experience I had already received. 
After taking a job at another sign shop as Head Designer, I earned a growing hatred for the industry. I would later realize that this hatred was towards those in the industry that ruin it for the rest of us. But after leaving the company, I picked up a job as a Professional Ballroom Dancer and Instructor. I loved it and dance has forever changed my life. I got to travel and learn and compete, even won a few times! The owner at the studio sparked my interest in Marketing and how to attract people to our unique business, which led to me working in that field for the last year and a half.
With in depth knowledge of the field long before becoming the actual photographer, I think I bring a unique experience to the table for those looking for photo-journalism style shoots. I look at every shoot with young excited eyes and do everything I can to make my photos project the professionalism that I carry myself with.
All of these wonderful opportunities has led me here, to life, to love. I cannot wait to share my art with you here and on all the other wonderful outlets on the web!
Keep your eyes peeled for new posts :)