My first Engagement Shoot


Having only been engaged myself for a couple months, I know one of the largest trends in recent history has been to do engagement themed photo shoots for the lovely couple. Many photographers build them in to their pricing of wedding contracts and others use it as an opportunity to show the couple how they work and then pitch the idea of shooting their wedding also.

I, am neither of these at the moment. I had never even thought about shooting a couple for their engagement shoots. I have been a couple themed photo shoots with my fiance(at the time my girlfriend) and really enjoyed it but never thought of shooting them myself.

Well the opportunity presented itself in the form of a long time friend of mine who goes to my church that is also recently engaged. I asked her if she was interested in getting some photos taken of her and her sweetie and she gladly accepted the offer. We scheduled out a time to meet up and started preparing. One of the most amazing tools for an aspiring photographer in my opinion has to be Pinterest. Kim, my friend getting who I was doing the photo shoot for, signed up for Pinterest and then went to work looking up things she liked. If you are ever lacking inspiration, it is a great tool to take advantage of to get wonderful ideas for photos to offer.

We met up last Sunday afternoon down at the Conway Riverwalk, which is a very popular place for photos. Kim did alot of the work for me by printing out one of her pin boards full of ideas and we went from there!

Creativity and vision and wonderful and necessary things for a good photographer to have, to listen to the customer and what it is they want is a useful skill I have learned a valuable lesson with.

The following is my favorite photo of the day:

It was a wonderful experience to capture the beautiful moments between this couple. They became comfortable in front of the camera and doing what felt natural which turned out to be a beautiful representation of this couple. Afterwards, she was so happy with the photos, she asked me to shoot their wedding! What a wonderful surprise! 
They were such a pleasure to shoot and I can't wait until my next engagement photo shoot.
Stay tuned for more!