My New Camera

So, I have always been a photographer who shot digital. I grew up in the age of the dawn of mass produced digital cameras and have never known much of film except for disposables. I know that sounds totally absurd but I was not interested in shooting photography until I was much older and film had become a relic in the dusty attic of technology. Though I know film still has its place, it is no longer widely used by the masses any more. You are hard pressed to find a decent film camera for sale in most establishments save specialty stores.

Well there is a very well known culture that has finally grasped my attention as of late. Lo Fi film photography. Many apps including "Hipstamatic" and "Instagram" try to emulate these wonderfully quirky images with post production filters that are built in the app. What they base these filters off of are photos taken with cameras such as the Holga or Diana. These photos usually contain high saturation and contrast, match that with softer focusing and you have and awesome artistic image. These types of images usually get a bad rap because of those cell phone apps but I cannot explain to you how much fun it is to photograph!

Well during a recent trip to Charleston, South Carolina; not too far away from where I live, I frequented a really cool store that we don't have in Myrtle Beach called Urban Outfitters. Well their Clearance section was impressive and imagine my surprise when I found a 35mm Holga for only 10 Bucks!

( Stand in picture, mine is actually a bright green)
So far I have really enjoyed it. My only regret so far is not having bought another one! There was a whole stack of them. Well I first used just a roll of ISO 400 Walmart film which seemed to be expired and didn't develop at all. I blew through another roll just to check and make sure it wasn't a shutter problem or something and learned a lot about the development of film. It is a fascinating process figuring out the right combination of shutter, ISO, and aperture. Most of that doesn't apply to a Holga because it has extremely simple controls and allows you focus more on the joy of taking a photo but still allows enough of a challenge to make you want to take an amazing photo.
Though I have not scanned any of my first photos, here are a couple images from my second roll: