Backing up Memories

Photography is about capturing life, in all forms and fashions. It is an artform first and formost but the reasoning behind to hold on to something for longer than you can with your own memory.

It could be a beautiful landscape teeming with beauty and splendor:

Or maybe it could be an object that helps define part of you or someone else's experience:
Or maybe it could be capturing the pulse of a city, showing the grittiness and life pouring out of it's people:
Whatever it is that you happen to photograph, make it mean something to you. If you head home with a camera full of images but none of them have a fun story behind them. For these photos in particular, I had the wonderful opportunity to travel to 3 different countries in a month. 
#1 is from San Jose, Costa Rica where I was on a mission's trip to help under privileged children with a group from Christ United Methodist Church in Myrtle Beach. It was an amazing experience and this photo shows off just how beautiful the country really is. It was taken on SCORE International's new property where they will be housing missionaries who come to help there. The sky always had an amazing color to it, pink in dusk light and where we stayed, orange at night from the city lights. One of the most amazing skies I have ever seen.  
#2 is from the Airport in San Jose, Costa Rica. We were on our way back, and it was the last photo I took before making it back home. My parents gave me this red leather passport cover years and I have travelled the world with it. Some of my best adventures have been had with this little fella' in my pocket.
#3 actually made me laugh at loud while shooting. This gentleman covered in chalk was working in Paris right across the street from Louvre. He was working on the very bottom of a piece of street art that must have been 20 feet long. I actually didn't have a lens wide enough to capture it all in one frame! The streets were busy and there was a crowd around him and his are but I made my way up front and knelt down to get this wonderful shot. This was when he finally noticed me and decided to ham it up but from all the interaction he was giving out, I think this shot really captured his Spirit.
My point with these photos is that, these are all wonderful times I never want to forget. And even though these might not be logged in a journal somewhere, I now have something to cling to forever. These are all little reminders that one day will show my future kids that dear old dad was a pretty cool guy and has seen some pretty cool stuff. And even though, I make part of my living from taking other people's photos I challenge to take a camera with you. Though sometimes there will never be enough pixels in your camera to record the wonder of something you have done, you will always have that reminder to jump start your memories.
Stay tuned as I share more of my memories with you.