Weddings! Weddings! Weddings!

Love is in the air and I have been lucky enough to help capture two special days for two lovely couples!

I had two different opportunities to be a second shooter for two different friends who had been commissioned to shoot wedding in the span of a week. This was my first submersion in to the world of wedding photography and it was so much fun working with the couples.

In the past, I have helped many couple prepare for their big day by helping them learn how to dance and how to apply said dances to their song of choice but never have I taken a photo at a wedding.

The wonderful thing about being a second shooter is that I have a little more creative freedom as instructed by the lead photographer. As the lead photographer gets the shot they need for the album, I have the opportunity to get a different vantage point or focus on something different. The first two shots I am posting are from a wedding I did a couple weeks ago with my good friends Mallory and Stephen. It was fun time in an older catholic church here in Myrtle Beach, and then a nice reception at a beachside resort.

It was fun to watch the couple interact and learn how catch those fun little pieces to help them remember their special day.
The second set of photos in from a wedding last weekend where I helped my good friend Mary. The couple was a little younger and had a ton of energy and great participation in the reception. The two shots I chose were a quick snap shot outside the reception hall as the sun was going down and then a shot of the bride and her flower girl who had matching sparkly Toms on. What a fun wedding!
I really enjoyed working weddings and I can't wait for my next opportunity to share in the next couple's big day!