A new (to me) lens

So, it has been a fun few weeks! I have been really busy with beach portraits for some wonderful people that I have been blessed to meet!

Well, for this entry, I wanted to talk about one of my favorite new toys. I have always been a shopper and a bargain hunter, so naturally, every time I get on craigslist or ebay  I always gravitate towards used camera gear for sale. Well also being a fan of thins vintage, I found that most lenses created for Nikon cameras back in the 70s through today could be used on my camera!
I searched eBay for deals trying to find something fun to add a little character to my camera bag. I stumbled upon a Nikon E series 50mm f/1.8 lens. Its a fully manual lens from the early 80's and it's considered one of Nikon's "Pancake" lenses because of how incredibly thin they are(only 1.25 inches!)
My camera with the 50mm 1.8 AIS E Series
I was able to find one for a very good price with almost no flaws to be found. The reason I like this lens  is because it challenges me to become a better photographer. It takes the convenience of today's modern technology and throws it out the window so you have to rely on your ability to read lighting and make adjustments manually. 
So far I have loved using it. Within a week, I received my battery grip and the 50mm and so far I have been very impressed with what it can do! The images have been super sharp and it is very easy to blow out the back ground if you know how to adjust it correctly.

Test Shot of My Beautiful Fiance!

Well I have been swamped with a ton of photo shoots and I am so blessed to have them. Now it's time to get them packaged and sent out to my clients!