Back From The Dead

First, I would like to start off with many apologies for not having uploaded a blog post in months. It has been such a busy summer! That has been great for me, and between my photography and the necessary day job I have been swamped and distracted by other things.

This summer has been great for me because I have learned more and more about my craft and even have a few weddings set up for the fall! I figured I would post some of my favorite photos I have taken this summer to show you just what I have been up to. I will also include some short descriptions as well.

This is a photo of a good friend that I worked with for a couple years at that necessary day job I mentioned before. She asked me to shoot her wedding and I was so happy to do so. The photos turned out great and I was so glad to be there to capture such a beautiful day. It was set for rain, but the clouds just drifted away for us to be able to have a wonderful ceremony and reception.

This was a quick snapshot I was able to get of her before the ceremony. I loved the soft lighting from the window, and the still slightly overcast sky giving off a very nice diffused light.

This was such a fun shoot! I got so many good shots of the Teska family that I couldn't choose which one to post, so I figured I would grab a crazy fun jump shot. Is it just a little cliche'? Maybe. But we had so much fun laughing and enjoying the beautiful weather that this shot just said it perfect.

This was near the end of the shoot and we had already given up on hair and humidity so we were having fun, and out of all the shots I took, this one stood out for me.

Another fun family shoot I considered quite a pleasure to be a part of. This is only a partial piece of this very large 3 generation family vacation. There were 10 all together, but we split up and took individual family shots which were very precious.

Everyone were so happy and willing to be photographed. It was just a great time to be there and capture this particular age of the kids. They were so great and willing to work with me.

Last but certainly not least, is a photo of my beautiful fiance, that was taken with a new(to me) lens on a test shoot. Annie, is very easy to direct but our problem was that I had never really directed a model! Almost everything that I shoot is lifestyle, so to have formal direction on a shoot I was very nervous even if it was my wife-to-be!

She was very patient with me and willing to wait for me to get what I needed just right. Shooting fully manual on such an old lens for the first time proved to be slightly difficult but I was pleased with the outcome. The whole shoot, I did in a very warm, overly saturated and blown out background. The idea was a watercolor type of background, with details blurring together and highlights blown out of proportion, hence the white sky.

There are so many more fun photos I have not put up, including my street photography in New York and from Dragon*Con in Atlanta. Also, there are so many more families I have taken photos of that were so very nice and welcoming and I wish I could post every single one of them. Please keep looking out for more from my blog and facebook page and follow me on Twitter to see my daily updates: @JHucksPhotog