2012 In Recap

So, this year has been filled with fun and wonderful memories, A few of which I am sharing with you! I have travelled the US a time of two, gone to other exotic and foreign places, and had some monumental changes to my life! Hope you enjoy my recap of 2012!

Tomahawk Bridge
The Tomahawk Bridge in Normandy, France
San Juan, Costa Rica at the Score International Compound
Tower of London Guard
An English officer standing guard in London, UK
One of my best friends and future brother-in-law high fiving a precious little guy during the Dragon*Con parade over Labor Day. 80,000 people waving at us as we walked past!
Bridge and Moss 2
My first ever long exposure shot of the Main Street bridge in Conway, SC

A wonderful guy named Matthew requested some fun senior photos, and boy did we have fun!
A behind the scenes shot of my beautiful cousin Heather's bridal portraits
My absolutely gorgeous fiancee who was nice enough to let me test out a new lens.
A self portrait of me asking my fiancee to marry me. She said yes!

Thank you so much for all the support and love I have received! This upcoming year is going to be amazing and I can't wait to show you!

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PS: Riding shotgun in a New York taxi.