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Every year, I take a trip with my church's youth group to West Virginia on a ski trip. This is a tradition shared by many church groups, in the Bible Belt at least. We all pack in a bus to go visit the mountains to enjoy the fluffy white snow that mesmerizes us so. I won't lie, snow is not something I see much of, so I do enjoy it for the few days out of the year I get to play in it.  This year was monumental, marking my 10th year of taking this trip and also the fact that I had the opportunity to stay in a cabin right on the side of the mountain. I could skit right off of the porch on to the slope! The trick was protecting my gear well enough that I could travel up the mountain and ski to my preferred destination. The mountain itself is a nice size but the runs are wide and generally slow which makes it much easier to take a large group of people. I packed my camera bag wrapped up and stuff in my back pack. I also decided to not take any of my zoom lenses as they are the easiest to disrupt calibration inside of. Anyway, the following is a small collection of photos from the trip. Let me know what you think!


My favorite shot of the trip. The cabin we stayed in was a really fun layout and though I could hear everything going on everywhere else in the house, I could see this over the 3/4 wall of my bedroom. skiing-6 skiing-16 skiing-20

I got Annie a Kindle for Christmas and boy did she use it while we were there! She got a lot of reading done and fortunately for me that meant she walked around with a small softbox in her hand all evening! skiing-12 skiing-42

Cell service was awesome at the top! skiing-45 skiing-28 skiing-41

"street" photography is much harder on a mountain but people were really active and fun the interact with. Take this guy for instance, I just like the reflections on his glasses and he was totally cool with me just snapping a few. skiing-21


Due to circumstances beyond my control, Annie and I were not able to get our normal photo on the beautiful snow covered mountain. One of those circumstances included stepping out to the front window of our cabin on our last morning, during the tail end of a snow storm, just in time to watch the transformer blow and knock out all of the power at Winterplace. We packed up the bus in the dark and then I convinced Annie to take quick shot with me in the snow that was coming down pretty hard (at least for us beach people!) It might not be the best photo I have had taken but it is one of my favorites!




Thank you so much for taking a look at my work! Please feel free to comment and let me know what you think!



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