Photo of The Day: Guessing Exposure

So, Film in itself is a dea art. Learning film now is like Sanscrit; a dead language you took in college. But it still is an acceptable way to take photographs and an enjoyable one if you know how to work one. My first love for photography came through graphic design and digital art so naturally I did not cling to film. But I have learned over the years the learning film is the root of what I have grown to love so much. So I decided to learn how to manually handle exposure without metering. If you don't count a Holga 35n or disposable throwaways from my childhood, my first film camera was a Mamiya NC1000. I picked up this little beauty at a local thrift store for near nothing. This is not a particularly nice camera, but it shoots well and thats all that matters.

The problem I had with the camera was that I thought that the battery only controlled the meter and not the shutter speed as well. I didn't realize this until I had already loaded the film, so I put myself in quite a predicament. Well logically I figured out that the fastest shutter speed was probably the default since this camera seemed to be mostly mechanical. So now I was challenged to make everything work at 1/1000th....I think.

I should have researched a little more before throwing film in it but oh well. I worked with the 50mm standard that was attached and it was a nice learning experience. Here is my best shot of the 24: Jasper-1

This was at f/5.6 at whatever shutter speed the camera is stuck to. I love the detail it pulled out and I enjoy the grainy feel as well.

Well hopefully I will have more posts including film soon! Thanks for reading!