Photo Safari! How to make the best of your zoo trip.

I have always enjoyed visiting zoos. I have been to zoos all around the country and even in other parts of the world, but not until recent did I decide to start taking photos while I was there! I have not had the chance of going on a dedicated photo safari yet so while I am saving up my pennies, I will enjoy taking photos of wildlife inside of zoos! This blog post has some photos I took while at the Denver Zoo. Honeymoon-304

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Pros of photographing zoo wildlife:

-They are more than likely ALWAYS there. Zoo animals do not migrate so other than the occasional periods where they need to be housed inside or are in transition to new habitats, you pretty much know where they are going to be.

-You have prime set up locations for your photos. Not only are you safe at a zoo, they also set up viewing areas in places where people can best see the animals. Though a low to the ground wide angle shot of a lion sleeping would be the desired photo you want on your Flickr or Facebook page, you can almost always guarantee a shot from the walkways and viewing areas.

Honeymoon-343 Honeymoon-353 My tips for Zoo Photos:

-Go on an Overcast Day. Though you can go any time, there are always less people at the zoo on an overcast day and the animals are normally more active.

-Get to know your zookeeper. Make sure you say hello to your friendly neighborhood zookeepers. They are generally full of knowledge you can use for your blog and may even give you access to something you wouldn't normally be able to. I remember once as a kid, we had gone to a zoo in some city we were visiting. It was still considered a winter month and was bitterly cold and lightly raining on and off. We were one of the only families there that day and I think the zookeeper felt bad that we did not have much to see, so he walked us through an indoor area that was not readily available to public. What a treat!

-Macro lenses work great in aquarium areas. I don't know why it didn't occur to me sooner, but after seeing a young girl chase a fish inside of a tank with her father's iPhone I decided to to give it a try with my camera and the 70-200 2.8 (which has a close focusing feature) I had attached in stead of digging through my bag for my macro specific lens.




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