Sneaky Candid Photos: Youth Night

Well, I am pretty active in my church and I teach a Sunday school class that ranges from 12 to 20 which I really enjoy and it's a blessing every week to get to talk about God with them. Once a month, the church lets the youth have a service of their own on Wednesday night, a time when we all get together, fellowship and have a good time. Well this particular youth night happened to be the day that I received my newest addition to the gear family, a Fuji X10. I am absolutely in love with this camera and decided to try to put it through it's paces. Considering the conditions of poor light, I think the camera held up pretty well in quality. Just goes to show you, that you can make stellar images with the compact cameras of yesterday. Short and sweet today, but I thought I would add in a quick candid photo I took of my sister during one of our board games. Thanks for stopping by! Jillian Candid Black and White

Candid Rose Portrait Candid Table Wide Angle Candid Surprise Portrait