Dealing with Threats - Problems within the Industry

This week has been very strange for me. As of right now, it's only tuesday and I have already had a ton of crazy things happen! What I want to talk about today is something that actually happened to me yesterday. I am blessed to have won the 2012 WMBF Best Of The Grand Strand. I am humbled by how much support I received. Because of a large YouTube presence brought forth by one of my best friends, I won by a pretty large amount. This was what was encouraged by the voting system was to reach out on all social platforms to promote WMBF and the voting of local businesses. Because we are a tourist town, it is not limited to people who live here because all the businesses being promoted are in the tourist industry in one way or another. I in no way think I am the best photographer in Myrtle Beach, but I also know that the guys that I look up to, do not put forth any effort in this contest so I am more or less competing with other part timers and small businesses like me.

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