Photograph What You See: Brookgreen Gardens

I want to start this off with a bit of a statement: When you travel to somewhere that is popular, don't focus on the photos that you see everywhere; take the photos that you see in your head. As we try to recreate the photos that we love so much of the area we have, we have nothing more than a copy of a photo that we love. I'm not saying you shouldn't take those photos, believe me I have, but make sure that you don't spend all your time on the photos of a specific place the way you have already seen it. Taking a photo of a lake? Go to the other side. Of a Bridge? Stand on it! Take photos of the pieces that you will remember and that will say something about your experience.Brookgreen-1

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Brookgreen Gardens in Pawleys Island, South Carolina is a garden unlike any other. A beautiful sanctuary that was originally the location of four rice plantations but was later sold whole to Archer Huntington as a gift to his wife; a place that she could showcase her sculptures. It is a place that is extremely well known for it's spectacular landscaping and artwork. The sweeping hedgerows that lay across the lowcountry plantation are something that normally grace the pages of travel and gardening publications but there are so many things that tell a better story than just large landscape photos that show it all. Here is what I see at Brookgreen Gardens: