Grand Lake, Colorado: The Next Place You Should Visit

So, I have had the pleasure of traveling to the opposite side of the globe (Australia) and back, been honored to capture photos though out France and England and had my share of awesome stories along the way. One of the biggest regrets I have now in adulthood is having not learned photography until I was in my 20's and not having some of my larger trips documented correctly. But I have vowed to come home with at least a few keepers every time I go somewhere. As you may know, I recently got married to the love of my life who is so supportive of my passion and I can't thank her enough for being the muse that she is to my work.

Well for the honeymoon, we headed to a mountain house in Grand Lake, Colorado. It's a sleepy little mountain town that buzzes with activity during the summer season and winter skiing season. But just like Myrtle Beach, when the tourists leave, the town goes in to a bit of a shut down mode. Unlike Myrtle Beach though, the people that are left are the sweetest people that seem like they never have visitors. I know that sounds strange, but I mean it in a good way; everywhere we went, we felt like honored guests who they were happy to play tour guide with.









We did go hiking up on a trail right out of grand lake, which is in a valley, and started making our way up the mountains on this path. The path led to Adams Falls and Lone Pine lake where we found plenty of places to enjoy the wonderful views and great air we were able to take in. Nothing beats hiking up a mountain. We went 14 miles without even knowing it! All in all it was an absolutely wonderful trip and I am so glad we were able . Hope you enjoy the photos!