So, the wrapping up of another school year has already come and gone. This means that many young people out there are about to star their senior year itching to slip on the cap and gown and count down the seconds until they get to toss that square scholarly hat up in the air as triumph of their standard education careers. Many will be off to college in the fall and starting on a journey to adulthood. They, for the first time will have a taste of independence and freedom; the ability to stand on their own to an extent. All that is well and great, believe me, I enjoyed graduating; but at the same time, they shouldn't forget that where they are right now is a very important time especially for their parents. This is the last inkling of their little boy or girl getting ready for school in the morning, the last time they will get to see them play baseball or soccer for their high school team. The last prom they will get to take funny photos of their kids in the lawn with their dates posing awkwardly. Alright, enough with the cheesy "I Will Remember You" style reminiscence.

Because of this, I send out a message to all seniors: Get your photo taken as many times as possible!

With today's society, photos are integrated in to every piece of communication: phones, computers, music devices, social media. This overexposure (excuse the pun) to photography makes it very difficult to find the value in getting your photo taken professionally and therefore you should take advantage of every opportunity you get to do so! Many high schools are offering fun alternative shoots that allow you to be creative and fun with your photos instead of the plain jane Olan Mills style photography. Get a group, go on location, make it fun!

CCS Seniors Group-1

The photos below are of friends of my sister who are all graduating this year. I was commissioned to do the casual spring portraits for the seniors this year and I am quite pleased with the way they turned out. Just a good example of how changing up scenery can make the most difference.

CCS Seniors-1

CCS Seniors-2

Another tip: Talk to your photographer! I had everyone's photos taken and these girls stuck around and wanted a photo taken somewhere else; they decided on a bench near the river and that's where that sat down for these great poses. Light was a little harsh so the girls took turns hold diffusers for each other!

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Photo of The Day: Glamour Girl

So, my baby sis is growing up. She graduated this year, she is starting college in the fall and soon after that I will be married and the days of us arguing at home will be gone. That is a little depressing but one thing I will always be glad of is that I took the time to do some pretty killer photo shoots with her. She is always a willing guinea pig when I am trying out something and this shoot was no different. The front yard of my house is perfect for early afternoon portraits because of all the trees and amazingly diffused light. She got in her prom dress and Mom helped out with makeup duties. I really enjoyed this shoot and we had a fun time doing it! Jillian-3



Photo of The Day: The Winds of Change

on Monday this week, I spent some time with a friend of mine I have known for quite a long time. Its amazing how life turns out and it's a wonderful thing. Earlier this day I performed at local Christian school for my sister's Senior Chapel; Rebekah's father gave the devotion and it was based on making our lives what we want them to be. No one can make me a better photographer but me, but with the help of good friends like Rebekah, I have a better chance of succeeding. Rebekah decided to drive an hour plus just to walk around with me in the wind and let me test my equipment. I was honored to take some portraits of her and I think given the circumstances, we were able to get some really cool shots! After purchasing some new gear I decided to take it out for a spin and this is what we cam up with. In between long gusts of wind, we did out best to take advantage of the gorgeous light that we had available. Enjoy!



This last was both my favorite and hers. The wind was blowing so hard, and I am so glad she was a trooper and stuck it out with me!


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Jillian - Senior Portraits

This is one of my favorite posts I have made. This is about a wonderful girl I had the pleasure watching grow up. Jillian my little sister is in her last few months of High School where she is reaching the beginning stages of adulthood. As I grew older and at least a little wiser, I had the opportunity to watch Jillian grow in to a beautiful, funny, witty, amazing young woman. We have not always gotten along but that's part of growing up and though at times I really wanted to kill her I don't know what I would have done without her. So enjoy the photos I was privileged to capture! Jillian-8 Jillian-11 Jillian-7 Jillian-24 Jillian-26 Jillian-58 Jillian-48 Jillian-76 Jillian-31 Jillian-67


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