Photo of The Day: Revisiting The Wrestler

So, after going to the wrestling match a few weekends ago, my friend was impressed by the images I had of him. It was a ton of fun shooting the wrestler in action but I thought that for his promotional prints and posters, he needed to have a portrait or two. Meeting him down at the training facility, I was able to snap a few portraits using some new techniques and equipment. Let me know what you think!  

Big Country-1

For those interested, I used a reflective silver umbrella and a speedlight being triggered by the on camera pop up flash. I am glad to have learned this strategy from The Strobist, David Hobby. Thanks for looking!

Photo of The Day: The Wrestler

When I was a kid, I LOVED professional wrestling. I just thought it was the coolest thing. Why, I'm not sure but that's not the point. As someone who understands the complexities of dance, I have a new appreciation for the work many of these guys do. It takes a ton of dedication to your art to do it correctly with all the difficult choreography that is being shared by two men they weigh more than I knew could be lifted so easily. Well, just like many other types of sports, wrestling starts with farm leagues where up and coming wrestlers learn how to hone their showmanship and acrobatics until they are ready to audition for the larger companies such as WWE or ECW. I know all of this because, a good friend and bandmate of mine is an athlete in a local company. It is really fun to watch him do his thing; interacting with the crowd and watching these fans cheer for him. Anyway, here is my portrait of Blake.


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