Golden Hour Photo Edit and Business Discussion

This video is a great example of Golden Hour light and use of flare without over doing it. There are so many ways flare can make an image look terrible, and a fine line between just enough and way too much.

Another thing we discuss in this video is the number one motivating tactic for growing my business. Hustle! Without hustling to meet new business connections or networking with potential clients, I would never have enough work to keep me busy. I try to treat every inch of my business with a humble heart because I know that if I'm not busy enough to have a job every day, I need to be doing something else and no matter if that includes working as front desk clerk at a hotel or mopping floors, I do what I have to do to provide for my family and allow me to further my business at the same time. If you are working a job and you want your photography to start making it happen for you, practice practice practice and get ready for 80 hour weeks!